Write a mothers day poem with a template

With flowing tears, dear cherished one, We lay thee with the dead; And flowers, which thou didst love so well Shall wave above thy head. Sweet emblems of thy dearer self, They find a wintry tomb; And at the south wind's gentle touch, Spring forth to life and bloom. Thus, when the sun of righteousness Shall gild thy dark abode, Thy slumb'ring dust shall bloom afresh, And soar to meet thy God. Why do I smile?

Write a mothers day poem with a template

Glue Oversized construction paper or card stock, one sheet per student Optional: Computers with printer access, if you choose to create final projects in word processing During Instruction Set Up Choose a selection of acrostic poems to share and discuss with students.

You can write them on chart paper or prepare them for use on an overhead or visual presenter. I like to do one of the above and create a small packet of poems for each student to read along with so they have it to save afterwards.

I like to use National Poetry Month in April to explore different types of poetry writing. I expose my students to numerous types of poetry by reading many different selections and by writing our own poems.

I focus on children poets such as Shel Silverstein and invite guest poets to visit our class.

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This results in some lovely projects that are created by the students and cherished by their mothers. Lesson Directions Part I: Read Mother-Themed Stories Step 1: Spend time reading books and poems about mothers to inspire student discussions about their own mothers and how they relate to the stories being shared.

Throughout the week we discuss and create a chart that has the following headings: Reading Acrostic Poems Step 1: Read aloud one or more of the poems, explaining what makes them acrostics.

As students read more of the poems, have them create a list of features attributed to acrostic poetry: Uses the letters in a topic word to begin each line All lines of the poem should relate to or describe the topic word One word or a phrase can be used to describe the topic word Poems are written vertically down the page and they do not have to rhyme Step 3: Check in with students to confirm understanding.

Students will reference these features when writing their own poems throughout the week.

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Writing Acrostic Poems Step 1: I like to write a few poems as a class using a common topic word such as school or springtime or anything else the kids seem interested in. Give students the choice to work in small groups, in pairs, or alone to start writing their own acrostic poems.

Encourage them to write about their interests. The Final Product Step 1: Show students how to use a word processing program to type their acrostic poem. This is an excellent opportunity to teach students about different fonts and how to increase and decrease font size.

I usually have students draw a picture of their mom and decorate around the poem with a whimsical design. Have students create a collage-like picture of their mother using art supplies found in the classroom, such as yarn, construction paper, wallpaper scraps, ribbon, yarn, buttons, sequins, etc.

Give each student a sheet of oversized construction paper or card stock. Have them fold the sheet in half to create a folder. You may want to staple two sides or tie the sides together with ribbon or yarn leaving an opening at the top if you think items will slide out.

Have students place the poems, collages, and any other gifts for their moms inside the folders and send home. Supporting All Learners Students learning needs are easily met because of all the opportunities to work as a class, in small groups, with partners or alone.

write a mothers day poem with a template

Any of these books listed are excellent choices and references to extend the activities throughout this project. This is one of the sweetest conversations I have with my students every year and the writing that follows this book reading and discussion is priceless. It is a wonderful way to open up discussion about how students may one day be caring for their own parents as they are being cared for now.

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown No matter what you do or say, the message is that moms will always love you and be waiting with open arms. This is so important for my students to hear and to discuss because everyone has tough days with their parents and as an innocent child you can wonder where you stand sometimes.

My Mom by Anthony Browne Students can write a parallel book similar to this story alone or as a class. Just Me and My Mom by Mercer Mayer Such a simple story, but it ties in the true things about what we all do with our moms.Exciting lesson ideas, classroom strategies, teaching tips, book lists, videos, and reproducibles in a daily blog by teachers from the classrooms of extraordinary mentor.

This downloadable eulogy template, is easy to follow with lots of options to help you find the right words to say and in the correct order. Mother’s Day Songs And Fingerplays I Love My Mommy A Mom’s a Special Lady Children’s Song My Mommy Helps Me Thank You, Mom Children’s Song I Love Mother Mother’s Day Song Tune You are My Sunshine I love you mommy My dearest mommy You make me happy When I am sad I want to tell you I really love you!

write a mothers day poem with a template

When I’m with you I am so glad! Wax poetic with this beautiful Mother's Day Card Printable or Template for Microsoft Word, which includes these words from a poem by George Eliot: "Life began with waking up and loving my mother's . Reprinted from A Taste of the Knife, Ahsahta Press, Boise, ID, , by permission of Tom Trusky, literary executor of the Walsh estate.

Marnie Walsh. Biography More poems by this author. Beautiful Mother's Day Poems perfect for sharing with mothers, grandmothers, family and friends. Browse our unique collection of heartfelt popular mothers day poems from sons and daughters.

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