What it means to be catholic

Click here to jump straight to the articles: The Catholic Encyclopedia, as its name implies, proposes to give its readers full and authoritative information on the entire cycle of Catholic interests, action and doctrine. It differs from the general encyclopedia in omitting facts and information which have no relation to the Church. On the other hand, it is not exclusively a church encyclopedia, nor is it limited to the ecclesiastical sciences and the doings of churchmen.

What it means to be catholic

What it means to be catholic

Take the Lent quiz now! Why do some refer to Easter as Easter and others use Lent or Pentecost and what is the significance of each? In the Catholic Church, the year is divided into liturgical seasons based on significant events in the life and earthly ministry of Jesus Christ as well as the great Mysteries of our Faith.

The Church Year, as it is called, begins with Advent, which is celebrated as four weeks of preparation before Christmas. Catholics are called to live liturgically by actually entering into the Church year. Such an approach to life and worship is not simply about re-enacting the great events of Salvation history - or what is called the "Paschal Mystery", the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Rather, it is an invitation to all the baptized, living their lives now in the Church which is the Body of Christ and thus to enter into the deeper meaning of our faith; to experience our Salvation as an ongoing process as we cooperate with grace and allow the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead, to change us from within making us more like Him.

Easter, where we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, is preceded by Lent, a season of self-examination, fasting and penance in preparation for our Easter Day observance. So Lent is a 40 period prior to Easter Day. Easter Day actually begins on Saturday evening with the Easter Vigil.

The celebration of the Vigil is in keeping with the Jewish tradition of celebrating the day from sundown to sundown. Easter is also a season that lasts 50 days and ends on Pentecost Sunday, which is an observance based on the second chapter of the Book of Acts where the Holy Spirit came down upon the apostles.

This day is considered the birthday of the Church. Why do we put ash on our forehead? Ashes are applied to our forehead in the sign of the cross as the words, "Remember, you are dust and to dust you shall return" are spoken to us. The other formula which is used, "Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel" emphasizes our call to continual conversion and holiness of life.

This act symbolizes our mortality as well as our need for ongoing repentance. It is a reminder that this life is short and merely a foreshadowing of what we shall become through the redemption of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The work of our redemption will not be complete until we are raised from the dead, in resurrected bodies like His own and called to the eternal communion of heaven. Where do the ashes come from? The ashes for Ash Wednesday normally are made from blessed palm branches from the previous Palm Sunday.

The ashes are sprinkled with Holy Water and incensed before distribution. When do I wash the Ashes off my face? There is no specific instruction on how long ashes are to be worn. You can, in fact, wash them off immediately after the service if you want.

Many people choose to wear their ashes for the remainder of the day both as a reminder of their own mortality and as a witness before those around that they are a follower of Christ and are entering into a season of examination and abstinence. What is Fat Tuesday?

Rich foods are consumed as the faithful prepare for time of fasting, abstinence, confession and penance. Customs and practices arose for Fat Tuesday where people would empty their pantries of many items restricted during Lent. One of the terms often used with Mardi Gras is "carnival.

Anyone who visits one of the big carnivals held on this day usually bring back stories of self-indulgence and hedonism that make most people blush. Ironically, carnival comes from the Latin "carne vale" which means "farewell to meat" or "farewell to flesh" indicating the end to certain pleasures has come.

In some parts of the Christian world the commonly used term for the day is "Shrove Tuesday. In some early practice, Lent was preceded by Shrovetide the week before Lent.

The faithful were called to go to confession during that time in preparation for the Lenten observance. Pentecost is a feast day based on the account in the second chapter of the Book of Acts where the Holy Spirit fell on the apostles as they were gathered together in the Upper Room.

What it means to be catholic

This is considered the birthday of the Church and the mission to evangelize the whole world. The Catechism of the Catholic Church describes it as follows: Since that day, the Kingdom announced by Christ has been open to those who believe in him: By his coming, which never ceases, the Holy Spirit causes the world to enter into the "last days," the time of the Church, the Kingdom already inherited though not yet consummated.Mar 10,  · The churches mentioned ran the gamut from those that support women’s ordination to those that offer Mass only in Latin and reject all ecclesiastical reforms.

We worship and praise God by living a sacramental life. We recognize the need for forgiveness and see the sacrament of reconciliation as a means to receive this great gift of forgiveness.

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Above all, being Catholic is to love Christ completely. When we enter the Church in baptism we have our sins forgiven by the power of Christ working through His priests. When we enter the Church in baptism we have our sins forgiven by the power of Christ working through His priests.

The Virgin Mary, Nov 19, in Locutions to the World (see Entry 26). Mary "Why do I shout from the housetops? Yes that is what I am doing. My words go forth by every possible means. The term Catholic comes from the Greek word that means “universal.” The term “Catholic Church” refers to the Christian community that is open to all people everywhere and in all ages and that preaches the fullness of God’s revelation in Christ.

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