University of north texas essay requirements

The National Association of Colleges and Employers lists accounting among the top majors that are in demand now and will be for years to come. Graduate opportunities Pursuing a graduate degree in Accounting or Taxation thoroughly prepares you to address a wide variety of professional challenges that arise in the profession. This in-depth study gives you an advantage over others in the workplace.

University of north texas essay requirements

Applicants completing coursework at a post-secondary institution after high school graduation should consult transfer admission requirements. The mid 50 percent ranges represent the middle 50 percent of students in the class of — they are not cutoffs or averages, but they provide a glimpse of the diversity of a competitive applicant.

Admission Review Criteria All applicants are reviewed individually and holistically. Consideration is given to factors such as: Overall grades in academic coursework and trends in achievement.

University of north texas essay requirements

Strength of high school curriculum, including level of rigor AP, IB, dual credit. High school rank and GPA.

Preparation for and ability to be successful in intended major. Applicant can choose from essay topic A, B, or C. Letters of recommendation are suggested, but not required, and limited to a maximum of three. Students who cannot enroll in their first choice of major due to capacity constraints or major-specific requirements may be offered admission to an alternate program as outlined in their acceptance letter.

Applicants must have graduated from high school during one of the two school years preceding the academic year for which they seek admission as first-time freshmen and have not attempted any higher education credits since graduation from high school.

This requirement can be waived if an applicant: Graduated or will graduate from a U. Or and whose education has been solely in English. Minimum approved test scores and accepted testing agencies are listed below:All freshman applicants must submit a required essay, Topic A in ApplyTexas and the UT Austin Required Essay in the Coalition application.

Please keep your essay between words (typically two to three paragraphs). University of North Texas Admissions North Texas admissions is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate of 72%. Students that get into North Texas have an average SAT score between or an average ACT score of SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements.

Both the SAT and ACT have a Writing section that includes an essay. UNT requires you to take the SAT/ACT Writing section. They'll use this as another factor in their admissions consideration. SAT Subject Test Requirements. Schools vary . The Department of Accounting at the University of North Texas offers coursework leading to a: A to word essay; Two reference forms or letters of recommendation; For specific course work and research requirements, contact the accounting Ph.D.

advisor. Management Master's and Doctoral Programs Graduate opportunities. To maximize your career potential, the Department of Management at the University of North Texas offers coursework leading to a Master of Business Administration and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Business Management.

University of North Texas Description: The University of North Texas is a large public university located in Denton, Texas. The university is made up of eleven colleges and schools, and high achieving students should check out the Honors College.

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