Trends now shaping the future of

There is just so much happening right now within the cannabis sector, and so many cannabis industry trends to consider, that it can be difficult to make predictions about the future of the industry.

Trends now shaping the future of

Significantly, this is the only wellness forecast that draws from the insights of the plus executives who were delegates and presenters at the Global Wellness Summit. In addition, the GWS Forecast is the sole trends report based on the perspectives of renowned economists, medical and wellness professionals, academics, and leaders across all sectors of the wellness industry.

Each of the eight trends speaks to either entrepreneurial or personal wellness moonshots that push the health and wellness envelope in unprecedented ways.

13 Trends Shaping the Face of Beauty in

We predict that these very new directions in wellness will grow worldwide and become big businesses in the years ahead. The wellness travel space, in very creative ways, is moving from experiential to truly emotional and transformative travel. The new Wellness Kitchen will finally become a reflection of our current wellness values and lifestyle, instead of serving as a relic of the past.

And people are taking charge of air quality, a health crisis that governments have not addressed in meaningful ways. A new happiness science is identifying what we need to focus on in wellness, and in this year of female empowerment, a new feminist wellness is rapidly emerging.

As people worldwide embrace their own health and wellness destinies, these trends will continue to expand — and our own personal moonshots will become worthwhile goals in and beyond. Access the PowerPoint Presentation, here.

The Global Wellness Trends 1. Microdosing psilocybin as a brain booster, a trend straight outta Silicon Valley, will go more global. This magic mushroom moment bears resemblance to early days in the cannabis wellness trend.

Think how lightning-fast attitudes and laws changed there. And with many mushrooms boasting unique skin-boosting powers, mushroom-infused products will keep invading the beauty aisles. A New Era of Transformative Travel Circuits, sagas and epic storylines Wellness is, by nature, a journey — an ongoing physical and emotional quest.

You have that massage, and wonder, what now, the room, the pool? Spa experiences will be reimagined as active, long, nature-roaming journeys a circuit of hiking, meditation, treatments, etc.

This new trend challenges us to look before the traditional 1, days of pregnancy and early childhood and puts sharp focus on the role of epigenetics, the study of how gene expression changes with environmental and lifestyle factors, and that can be inherited.

In addition, wellness treatments and techniques, such as yoga, massage, and mindfulness, will be the first choice to treat babies and children of all ages suffering from injury, sleeplessness or pain.

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The Wellness Kitchen Kitchens catch up with healthy eating For generations, kitchens have been places where we store dead food in dark cupboards — that would be consumed months, or even years, later.

However, the old eating and lifestyle habits of the s are history, and today more people want to eat living, healthy, organic food. Refrigerators will be reimagined to properly store and transparently display fresh fruits and vegetables, and kitchens will have space for gardens and sprouting.

Noisy appliances will be a thing of the past. Composting delivery systems and particulate and oxygen sensors will be standard features. And there will be more emphasis on healthy building materials.

Significantly, this trend will put more pressure on businesses and governments to take action against the ultra-fine particulates that are dirtying our air. Extreme Wellness Hacking our way to better brains, bodies and overall well-being The power to become the best we can be has never been more attainable, and the pursuit of wellness has never been more extreme.

In the name of physical and mental wellness, humans are re-wiring themselves to achieve the once impossible. The new luxury travel escapes challenge both body and mind: Because extreme challenges and experiences will bring a wealth of super powers to everyday, ordinary humans.

If happiness has always felt like an especially vague concept and personal pressure, now there is a new body of hard science measuring what actually drives the most human happiness.

This is a key reason why poorer, unhealthier nations i. Another fast-growing body of science provides the other key happiness lesson: The two most actionable lessons from the happiness science are becoming clear: Happiness is no longer some frivolous concept, as evidence mounts that it has a powerful impact on everything from physical health to employee productivity.

Governments are moving beyond the narrow lens of GDP to tackle the problem of unhappy populations:Multi-cloud strategies targeted at driving innovation, complemented by containers, Kubernetes and serverless computing, lead the cloud computing trends for Increased competition among green building rating systems, the rise of net-zero buildings, and a sharper focus on existing structures are among the trends that will drive sustainability through , according to author and green building expert Jerry Yudelson.

These are among the key trends shaping the world of the next two decades and beyond, according to Marvin J. Cetron, president of Forecasting International Ltd., and science writer Owen Davies. For some four decades, Forecasting International has conducted . Trends that start out small can wind up transforming the way we live.

Trends now shaping the future of

For example, just a few years ago, social media seemed like a fad for teenagers. Today we use it to communicate, figure out. Apr 17,  · Here are five critical trends that I see shaping the future of marketing and pushing brands to reinvent the way they communicate with and sell to customers.

The Top Beauty Industry Trends of From smart home-integrated beauty devices to genomics and biotech in cosmetics and R&D, the biggest developments in tech are leaving their mark on the beauty industry. has seen leading brands embark on high-tech overhauls of product development, manufacturing, pricing & distribution, marketing & merchandising, and the customer experience.

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