The relationship between maternal filicide psychology essay

Abstract Filicide, or the murder of one's own child, is an unfathomable crime. With Andrea Yates's return to trial in the summer offilicide once again came to the forefront of psychiatric issues in the media.

The relationship between maternal filicide psychology essay

July 29, Abstract This study intends to explore the differences between maternal and paternal filicide. Participants will complete a survey inquiring their thoughts and experience of committing filicide. This act is called Filicide.

Filicide is the act of a parent murdering their child ren. According to an article, Lewis and Bunce stated in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report noted children murdered by their biological parents in A common fallacy is that filicide is predominantly committed by the mother.

However, research has proven that this particular crime has been committed by both parents equally. Liem and Koenraadt also noted that the role of serious mental disorders such as depressive and psychotic disorders have been found in both maternal and paternal filicide, these disorders are more pronounced in females pg.

Dating back to the Spartans, if a child was born deformed they would throw the infant off a cliff due to his or her deformities.

One may believe that a child deformed or not is still a gift of life. However, Sara West, Susan Friedman, and Phillip Resnick famous Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato believed this practice was a form of preserving the integrity and size of the population pg.

Throughout this paper, the different motives and methods used in filicide and which parent is more likely to commit such an unspeakable crime will be discussed. The population that was sampled varies in these studies.

One study examined maternal and paternal participants at a forensic psychiatric observational hospital. Others had a specific population that was studied. For example, one article focused on paternal filicide.

According to the Roman law, the father had absolute authority over the lives of his children and was encouraged to destroy those who were deformed West et al.

It was a Greek custom to have infants examined by the elder men of the community, who ordered the death of the deformed or weak pg. Throughout the articles, it is important to note the difference between men and women, why, and how they kill their children.

They used records from a forensic psychiatric observation hospital.

The relationship between maternal filicide psychology essay

In this study, Liem and Koenraadt also discussed the different categories and a sub-category of filicide such as altruistic filicides, extended suicides, and psychotic filicides.

Extended suicide is the belief that the child is an extended part of them, and after the murder the parent attempts suicide.

The relationship between maternal filicide psychology essay

Liem and Koenraadt discussed the second category:For example, Kunz and Bahr () analyzed over 3, filicide cases and found that 60 % of victims over 10 years of age died from gunshot wounds or stabbing. Notably, Lewis et al. () found a relationship between the mental state of the mother and the weapon used.

The earliest relationship does not begin with birth. Pregnant women construct mental representations of the fetus, and feelings of affiliation or “maternal-fetal attachment” generally increase over the course of gestation.

While there is a fairly substantial literature on the development and. Abstract. Filicide, the murder of a child by a parent, is a multifaceted phenomenon with various causes and characteristics. This review of the existing literature delineates the present state of knowledge regarding filicide and illustrates similarities and differences between offenses perpetrated by mothers and by fathers.

cases of filicide, including both cases where PND evidence was adduced, and cases where PND evidence was not adduced but other mental health issues were considered.

We look at the forensic use of and judicial responses to PND and other evidence of mental illness. Maternal Deprivation Maternal deprivation Bowlby was a psychoanalyst; he came up with a theory for maternal deprivation.

He used this theory to explain how a child would be effected if the emotional bond between the care giver and the infant was broken.

Maternal depression and filicide 3 Maternal depression and filicide This case-study began with cases of filicides. These cases were selected from a period of twenty-five years between (Kuappi et al. ).

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