Stop losing sleep over money worries

The most common reasons why many people lose their sleep over money is debt. However, being more mindful of your spending habits, setting boundaries, and staying disciplined can make a difference. Here are five useful ways you can stop getting worried about money.

Stop losing sleep over money worries

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Stop losing sleep over money worries

Sanya Rizvi In a recent survey of 1, affluent women across the country, nearly all 98 percent say they are confident in their ability to reach their financial goals. In fact, more than half 60 percent said they are very confident. Yet nearly three-quarters 73 percent also admit that money worries keep them up at night.

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According to the survey, the biggest source of concern is outliving their money. The dichotomy in how women think about their finances is not surprising. While this particular survey was only among women, I can attest to that fact that men are also left awake at night thinking about money.

For example, a client in her mid-sixties recently lost her husband. A few months ago, she began meeting with one of the financial consultants at Schwab. Now that she is on track to meet her goals and to be financially independent for retirement, she is much more confident.

She does a lot of research, follows market trends, attends workshops at the branch and continues to meet with her financial consultant to stay engaged with her finances and on course. Of those who have a written plan, 68 percent say they are very confident in their ability to reach their financial goals.

A comprehensive financial plan is a really good road map to help you stay on track and manage wealth, as your life and finances can become more complicated over time. A good plan is also holistic and complete, taking into account everything from your income and expenses in retirement, to insurance and estate planning needs, and ensuring coordination.

Review your current situation.

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Be sure that your allocation between stocks, bonds and cash is appropriate to help reach your short-term and long-term financial goals. Make some assumptions about your future. Assess your risk tolerance. This can be key to staying the course during the inevitable ups and down in the market.

Your willingness to take on risk will and should vary by goal. A sound investment plan contains expectations based on long-term averages. To reap the most reward from your investments, try to avoid unnecessary fees and taxes. But staying engaged with your finances can be your most valuable asset when it comes to achieving long-term financial success.

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7 Ways to Stop Losing Sleep over Money. January 17, by seacommblog. How are you sleeping these days? If you’re like the majority of Americans, the answer is, “not so well.” Most of the thoughts that come to us at night are thoughts and worries that we push to the back of our mind during the day.

(i.e. bills, debt, grocery list. A budget allows you be in control of how you spend your money, knowing what is more important to spend on and curbing your excess spending Have a positive mindset towards your financesAlways have a positive mindset towards your finances.

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Stop losing sleep over money worries

Aug 22,  · More than a third of Americans are losing shut-eye due to financial concerns, according to new research. Here are a few ways to set your mind at ease. The more and more I have read over this past week, the more I now realize that maybe what I'm going through isn't a relapse of PPD.

I think that maybe it was with me all along and I was in denial.

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