Spent grain

Wood Spent grain is a waste product of the brewing industry. It comes from grains like wheat, barley, corn, and rice that are used in the production of alcohol. Once the grain is fermented and the alcoholic solution drawn off, the material left over is called spent grain. Dealing with the Problem If not dried immediately, spent grain will spoil within a day or two.

Spent grain

Here are my top ten uses for spent grain: Compost it when you compost your other homebrew ingredients.

Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. This requires grain, flour, peanut butter and an egg. Sounds like it is more than just a dog treat.


Big Daddy would like that too! Someone is even selling their spent grain dog biscuits online. Alewife, a user on the MoreBeer. She says that although this is a very rustic and rough bread, it is also very flavorful.

Read the entire thread, though, because she does make some corrections further down. Alewife also has a pizza crust recipe she says is good.

This same recipe can be adapted for focaccia, she says. The recipe says that the bread is best eaten with a beer and a spread of schmaltz, which is rendered fat with seasoning. It turns out that "treber" is the German word for spent grain.

It makes me wonder if that is a true cognate with "trub. This one includes apple juice and molasses, so it is probably much sweeter than some of the others. It takes a bit of extra processing, but if you have the resources and ability, you might be able to turn a profit off your waste, or at least have a great meal.

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Deer love stuff like spent grain. As a photographer, that makes me want to spread some in the yard and wait with my camera. Attracting deer to one spot can also work as a against them eating your flowers and other garden plants. I once visited a winery that did this with their pressed grapes and they said it was very successful in redirecting the deer away from the vines.

They spread the waste material at the edge of the woods and the deer were happy to nibble on that. Barnyard animals also love spent grain. Feed it to the cows, chickens, pigs, goats, and whatever other critters you tend.

Spent grain

Back in my vegetarian days I used grains for lots of recipes, and substituting in spent grains for some of these would have worked very well. I might just try that for my lunches next week.

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