Research paper about video game

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Research paper about video game

Rochester Institute of Technology In the past 30 years, video games have had a major impact on how people spend their leisure time. The first generation of video games were nothing more than simple geometric shapes, one or more of which could be controlled by the game player. Until the recent resurgence in interest in video games in the past decade, research on the topic was minimal.

Because of the many biological and physical changes that occur during puberty, exposure to violent games should affect the processes that operate within the GAM. In order to control the effects of video game violence, one must first understand the effect it has on the brain, including in the areas of aggression and hostility.

In the past 30 years, video games have had a major impact on how people spend their leisure time. Each generation of games always uses the newest technologies available, leading to more impressive graphics and realism.

Along with these new technologies come more realistic violent acts and situations. Also with each new generation of video games, people are spending more time and money on them.

In this article the term video games will be used to define any interactive multimedia in which the human game player has control over the main "character" in a simulated game world.

That adds up to over one billion games.

Research paper about video game

That is equal to one game for every teenager on earth, or enough games that, laid end to end, scan the entire equator two and a half times "Nintendo sells one billionth game," An industry war has begun to see who can build the newest, fastest, most popular game. The explosion of the video game industry in the past decade has had many people questioning the content of the games being released.

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The main concern is that of violence and violent acts within the games. The newest generation of games is so realistic that the line between "simulations" and video games has greatly been blurred.

These shootings raise a valid concern that violent video games may be affecting the aggression of children and developing adolescents. The term aggression is very general and can refer to and influence a large number of personality traits and behaviors.

Connor, Steingard, Cunningham, Anderson, and Meloni defined two specific types of aggression.

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Reactive aggression is an angry, defensive response to a threat or frustration. An example of this would be getting revenge on someone that has done you wrong. Proactive aggression is a deliberate behavior that is controlled by external reinforcements and is usually a means of reaching a desired goal.

An example of this type would be robbing a bank to get money. There have yet to be any studies that take into account these two specific types, but most studies in the past have focused on both in some way. The first generation of games used simple shapes and had minimal interaction.

The paddles could be controlled by a human player. This game displayed no violent acts or situations though. The first of popular games to be considered violent was Pac Man. This game consisted of a small circle with a mouth that tried to eat pills and destroy ghosts.

Game developers were no longer as limited by their media, and tried to simulate reality as best as possible.

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New innovations in technology meant more realistic violence and gore. All these new capabilities meant developers could focus more on details also. One example is the game Soldier of Fortune, released in for the personal computer.

The game also employs a first-person perspective, making it seem as though the player is seeing through the eyes of the in-game character. Past Research Until the recent resurgence in interest in video games in the past decade, research on the topic was minimal. There were few correlations found, and several had conflicting results.

There were three studies which used self report data. Dominick found that the amount of video games played had a positive correlation with one of three measures of aggression among tenth and eleventh grade boys. However, Gibb, Bailey, Lambirth, and Wilson found no relation in a larger study of year olds.

Due to the conflicting results of these studies, no conclusive correlations could be drawn. Most data seemed to show a positive correlation between videogame play and aggression, yet Gibb et al. There were few experimental studies done on the topic at this time also.

Cooper and Mackie found fifth grade girls to be more aggressive in one of two measures when playing a violent game versus a non-violent game. Once again, due to the conflicting results, no conclusive evidence could be drawn to help support that aggression and videogame play are related.

Unfortunately these early studies were not much help in determining a relationship between aggression and video games.Research paper topics in the historical aspect of video games include the history of video game consoles, the history of PC gaming and the histories of popular game franchises.

Design Video game design is a fascinating topic. Introduction. Playing video games is perceived as an exciting aspect of the media landscape and has experienced much expansion in recent years.

There has been a rise in the number of children who use video games in many parts of the world, particularly in the United States (Hagan,et al.


). Compose a research paper that addresses the effects of allowing young children to do violent video games Write a case study about a young adult who has never been exposed to . The Benefits of Playing Video Games Isabela Granic, Adam Lobel, and Rutger C.

M. E. Engels Decades of valuable research on the effects of violent video games on children’s and adolescents’ aggressive behavior already exists, and this is indeed an important. This paper will review researches from different fields of technologies, is the quick evolution of the media over the years.

Video game research is only a few decades old but meanwhile its object has changed a lot. As Psychology and cognitive research on video games Studying the effects of video games, lead to ask what dimensions of the.

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Video Game Violence and Its Influence on Maladaptive Behavior Video Game Violence has been a controversial topic for many years.

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