Pepsico core values

Exchange Offers Performance with purpose PepsiCo is focused on delivering sustainable long-term growth while leaving a positive imprint on society and the environment - what we call Performance with Purpose. Our focus includes transforming our portfolio and offering healthier options while making our food system more sustainable and communities more prosperous. In doing so, we believe we will pave the way for PepsiCo's future growth and help others thrive.

Pepsico core values

We are guided by Performance with Purpose: Our Mission As one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, our mission is to provide consumers around the world with delicious, affordable, convenient and complementary foods and beverages from wholesome breakfasts to healthy and fun daytime snacks and beverages to evening treats.

We are committed to investing in our people, our company and the communities where we operate to help position the company for long-term, sustainable growth.

Our Vision At PepsiCo, we're committed to achieving business and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on society — delivering what we call Performance with Purpose. In practice, Performance with Purpose means providing a wide range of foods and beverages from treats to healthy eats; finding innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment and reduce our operating costs; providing a safe and inclusive workplace for our employees globally; and respecting, supporting and investing in the local communities where we operate.

Wherever we do business, Performance with Purpose is our guide. We believe that delivering for our consumers and customers, protecting the environment, sourcing with integrity and investing in our employees are not simply good things to do, but that these actions fuel our returns and position PepsiCo for long-term, sustainable growth.

Purpose and values | Barclays To inspire moments of optimism and happiness… To create value and make a difference.
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Guiding Principles To advance our mission and vision with honesty, fairness and integrity, we are committed to six guiding principles. When conducting business around the world, we must always strive to: Care for our customers, our consumers and the world we live in.

We are driven by the intense, competitive spirit of the marketplace, but we direct this spirit toward solutions that benefit both our company and our constituents. We see our success as inextricably linked to that of our customers, consumers and communities. Sell only products we can be proud of.

The true test of our standards is our own consumption and endorsement of the products we sell. Our confidence helps ensure the quality of our products, from the moment we purchase ingredients to the moment it reaches the consumer's hand.

Speak with truth and candor. We tell the whole story, not just what's convenient to our individual goals. In addition to being clear, honest and accurate, we are responsible for ensuring our communications are understood.

Win with diversity and inclusion. We embrace people with diverse backgrounds, traits and ways of thinking. Our diversity brings new perspectives into the workplace and encourages innovation, as well as the ability to identify new market opportunities.

Balance short-term and long-term. In every decision, we weigh both short-term and long-term risks and benefits.

Maintaining this balance helps sustain our growth and ensures our ideas and solutions are relevant both now and in the future.

Taking a Stand for Equality

Respect others and succeed together. Our mutual success depends on mutual respect, inside and outside the company.

Pepsico core values

It requires people who are capable of working together as part of a team or informal collaboration. While our company is built on individual excellence, we also recognize the importance and value of teamwork in turning our goals into accomplishments.But the plaintiffs allege that PepsiCo is selectively pushing certain healthier ingredients to the fore of their marketing, even when those aren’t the primary ingredients in a Naked juice.

She is bent on reducing PepsiCo’s reliance on high-sugar, high-calorie beverages, and she made sure that PepsiCo removed trans fats from all its products before its competitors.

On the environmental side, she is striving for a net zero impact on the environment. Healthcare Reform PepsiCo values the health and well-being of our associates, partners, customers and consumers.

PepsiCo offers a wide range of benefits that encourages wellness, promotes healthy living and gives associates and their families tools and information to make educated healthcare decisions. We demonstrate our commitment to employees by promoting and rewarding based on performance and by creating a work environment that reflects our values.

Pepsico-Corporate Social Responsibility

Leadership capability We develop leaders at all levels who achieve business results, exemplify our values and lead us to grow and win. We live by our core values. At Insight, we care about our teammates, our communities and our clients.

Pepsico core values

We show Hunger, Heart and Harmony in everything we do. Our inclusive culture is defined by our seven core values: leadership, passion, integrity, collaboration, diversity, quality, and accountability.

Our central promise at The Coca-Cola Company is to refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit, and inspire moments of optimism; to create value and make a difference.

PepsiCo’s Organizational Culture Characteristics: An Analysis - Panmore Institute