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You can create a batch of personalized email messages that are formatted identically and use the same text and graphics. Only specific sections of the email message vary and are personalized. Mail merge—unlike broadcasting a message to a group of people—makes each recipient of the message the sole recipient. There are three documents involved in creating email messages using the mail merge process:

One of the main messages in

Each main message has its roots in the opportunity chapter, where you will find its supporting data. The survey shows that leaders from different societal groups look optimistically at our ability to pursue systemic change across five sectors and nine regions.

Only civil society is perceived as a stronger advocate. The business sector in general is perceived to be an actor pushing for sustainable change. It is also evident that business and civil society are on the same page regarding the opportunities they can be expected to advocate most strongly for.

Hence, we can expect new forms of solution alliances to emerge between business and civil society for collaborative actions to change societies from the bottom up.

The survey has tested the capacity to pursue all 15 opportunities across three dimensions — technology, economy, and political will power.

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Of these three dimensions, technological capacity is consistently perceived to be the lowest barrier to change. Hence, technology is a strong driver of all 15 opportunities. However, the data shows that it tends to be a weaker driver in lower Human Development Index HDI regions, pointing to a need for technology transfers for a number of opportunities to be realised.

Business believes that the world is willing and able to change how we produce food by making farming smarter. It is a mature opportunity, adaptable across geographies and scale, and with readily available solutions in the market.

Both are driven by a mix of resource scarcity and digital solutions, encouraging farmers to use technology to target inputs. SDG number eight, on decent work and economic growth, is the highest rated in terms of business potential, followed by SDG number three on good health and well-being.

These are also the SDGs that are perceived to hold the greatest potential to direct societies onto a sustainable development track; hence, what is good for business is also good for society. The SDGs with the lowest potential business opportunity are those concerning inequality — both in terms of gender and income — as well as the goal on partnerships for the SDGs.

The Messages of the Prophets

The survey also revealed that the knowledge about the SDGs is lower in high HDI countries and in the lower levels of corporate management. At the top of the advocacy agenda of civil society is food waste reduction, followed by a transition to smart farming and then antibiotic-free food production.

Of these opportunities, political will power is lowest in relation to antibiotic-free food making it an advocacy agenda civil society may find to be an uphill battle.

She works in the service or manufacturing sector. Chinese respondents in general stand out from all other regions with a consistently positive outlook both on the ability of the region to make systemic change happen and the positive benefits to society of these changes. Chinese women are the most positive of the survey respondents.

From all corners of the world, private and public sector leaders echo the same message. Unemployment calls for urgent action, as it is rated the most pressing risk this year as well as last.

In addition, the top three opportunites ranked for new business initiatives are all opportunities to address youth unemployment. The message is clear: Looking at which of the four surveyed stakeholder groups is perceived as most likely to advocate for change, the same trend repeats itself; respondents do not expect that politicians will actively advocate for change to the same extend as the other stakeholders.

In addition, all of the respondents in the government sector show the largest gap between the perception of being affected by the opportunities and their expressed likelihood to pursue the same opportunities.

Hence, it paints a picture of a public sector that sees opportunities, feels affected by them, but does not have the capacity to act on them. The combination of perceived low capacity and limited political will power underlines the need and benefit of collaboration across sectors where global and systemic change is needed.Three main themes are shown in the court stories with regard to God’s sovereignty.»19 Firstly he is the one who reveals what is unknown: this begins at and continues in chapter 2, 4 and 5.

One of the primary messages of the play is how government can move away from the interests of the many and become a force to serve the agendas of the few. The main theme in the lord of the flies is search for hearing from the theme, the message is that all humans have a dark side that can cause a breakdown of society's ethical standards if this dark.

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One of the main messages in

3, Views. The disciple John, who wrote down the book of Revelation, was told to write to the seven churches. These were real churches in real towns and cities at that time.

They didn’t have a mail system like we do so they would send the letter by messenger to the first town. Those people would read it and. The Bible declares its main message right at the dawn of human history: After God made all things “good,” everything went bad as a consequence of the evil that entered the world through human sin.

In order for everything to be made right again, God designed a plan to rescue humanity and the broken world from sin’s corruptions. Of the 47 countries presenting their Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) at the HLPF in July, 45 have made their report's main messages available.

This update focuses on 10 countries for which VNR main messages were available online between 7 June and 18 June, complementing our reporting on the.

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