Literal golden mischief rules essay

What are the principles What are the principles, techniques and sources which courts use to help them interpret Statutes? Which of these were used by the Court of Appeal and House of Lords respectively; and how did their approaches differ? What do these differences in approach tell you about the process of statutory interpretation?

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Literal golden mischief rules essay

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Mischief Rule • The literal and golden rules are concerned with finding out what Parliament SAID. The mischief rule is applied to find out what Parliament MEANT.

• It looks for the wrong: the ‘mischief’ which the statute is trying to correct. Remember to The Golden 12 Golden Rules of Email Courtesy | T. David 4 Jan The 12 Golden Rules of Email Courtesy by T. David Gordon.

Literal golden mischief rules essay

projects (working on lectures or writing essays, books, articles, and reviews).Critical Analysis of the Literal, Golden & Mischief This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to.

Although it points to a kind of middle ground between the plain meaning (or literal) rule and the mischief rule, the golden rule is not, in a strict sense, a compromise between them. Like the plain meaning rule, the golden rule gives the words of a statute their plain, ordinary meaning.

The Mischief rule This third rule gives a judge more discretion than either the literal or the golden rule. This rule requires the court to look to what the law was before the statute was passed in order to discover what gap or mischief the statute was intended to cover.

2) The Golden (And Purposive) Rules The golden rule is a modified version of the literal rule which was first stated by Lord Wensleydale in Grey v Pearson () but its operation is better described by Lord Blackburn in River Wear Commissioners v Adamson ().

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