Intermediate 2 biology unit 1 past papers

What function is performed by liver in the human body? Acts as a store house of digested sugar

Intermediate 2 biology unit 1 past papers

List of practicals Biology part 1 1. Identification of biochemicals from biological material. Study of effect of temperature,pHvalue and enzyme and substrate concentration on activity of enzyme Pepsin.

Study of animal and plant cells by staining with safarine, acid fuchinmethylene blue,eosin. Investigation of bacterial content of fresh and stale milk.

Study of Nostoc from fresh material and prepared slides. Identification of paramecium and amoeba from fresh matrial and prepared slides. Study of Yeast, Ustilago tritici and Pencillin from fresh materials and slides. Examination of Marchantia and Funaria external morphology from fresh material and sex organs from prepared slides.

Study of Pinus male and female cones from fresh or preserved materials.

Intermediate 2 biology unit 1 past papers

Description in technical terms of the familes Rosaceae, Solanaceae, Caeselpiniaceae, Fabaceae and Poaceae. Exposure of digestive system of frog and cockroach. Exposure of respiratory system of frog. Investigation and measurement of factor affecting rate of transpiration using photometer factors include wind, removal, of some leaves, covering lower epidermis and veseline.

Study from slides of internal structure of monocot, and dicot, root. Study from slides of internal structure of monocot and dicot stem and leaf. Measurement of blood pressure during rest and after exercise with B. Syllabus of practical will be strictly followed which includes more practicals then mentioned in list.

List of Practicals Chemistry 11th 1. Separation of mixture of inks by using Chromatography. Determination of Melting point of Glucose and Urea. Determination of Boiling point of Ethanol and Acetone. Purification of common salt by using common ion effect.

List of Practicals Physics 11th 1. To find the area of cross section of a wire or volume of small sphere using micrometer screw guage. To find the unknown weight of body by the method of vector addition of forces.

Verification of following relations of the simple pendulum: To find the acceleration due to gravity by oscillating mass spring system. Verify the second condition of equilibrium using a suspended meter rod.

Investigation of the laws of vibration of stretched strings by sonometer or electromagnetic method:Biology (Double) Unit Checklists. PDF files of the (graded) checklists. These have been adapted from the Kerboodle versions to make them more print friendly. Maths for new GCSE Biology.

GCSE Biology Revision & Past Papers. Required practicals. Exam technique. Biology (Triple) Checklists. Biology (Double) Checklists. AQA Subject vocabulary. pm BL2HP. Biology Unit 2 (Higher). GCSE. AQA. Tuesday 12th May.

pm. 1 hour. Aqa gcse humanities unit 2 past papers, AQA gcse Exam Papers 45 GCSE Mathematics paper 1 non calculator Higher tier. Higher.

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Friday 6 th. Top Tip from a past student: Date, Subject, Exam Board, Tier, Duration, AM/PM Tue 12th May, Biology Unit 2, AQA. AS Biology Unit 1 page 2 HGS Biology A-level notes NCM/7/11 Biology Unit 1 Specification Biochemistry Biological Molecules Biological molecules such as carbohydrates and proteins are often polymers and are based on a small number of chemical elements.

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Solve hundreds of Biology question papers in Multiple Choice Question (MCQs) format. If you are pursuing your intermediate science studies or targeting for entrance examinations, you can solve these question papers online.

We have taken all the necessary care to provide you with genuine question papers and the answers from reliable sources. Practice Papers with answers: Non-calculator practice papers; Calculator Practice Papers. These are past paper questions sorted by topic: Unit 1. Straight line. Composite functions.

Transforming graphs. Differentiation. Recurrence relations. Unit 2. Quadratics. Polynomials. Integration. Trig equations. Trig formulae. The circle. Unit 3.


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