How to write a letter in english and translate to spanish

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How to write a letter in english and translate to spanish

TeX converts a known, fixed, unambiguous if occasionally arcane and arbitrary syntax into a known, fixed, unambiguous output. In contrast, there's no perfect translation from English to German or any language to any other, really so a person has to make some decisions about what to write to get across the meaning in the intended way -- which, when phrased like that, sounds a lot like writing the paper in the first place, albeit without doing the original research yourself.

However, the translator is still using their skill in the area to pick the actual German words which mean what you're trying to say -- which, coincidentally, is what you do when writing a paper, except in another language.

I'm not saying the two tasks are equivalent, I'm saying they're analogous, especially when compared to software applying a fixed set of relatively simple transformations to text.

Translation is not that simple, as nice as it would be. Compilation, on the other hand, is. Sorry if it sounded like that. I'm stating that it's worth noting the paper was translated by someone other than the author because it's significantly more complex and subjective than compilation, and it's possible that there are nuances in translation that weren't in the original paper, which might need correction.

My point with the analogy is that translation is much closer to authorship than compilation -- it's not authorship, obviously, but closer than a compiler transforming text into an AST into different text. Any translation that reads well inevitably involves some rewriting of the original - and if that rewriting improves the original author's poorly expressed argument or logic, is the result a "fair" reflection of the original author's ability or not?

No, seriously, ask your advisor. Furthermore, even if you would be allowed to write it in English and have it translated later by law which I don't know for certainyou don't know if your translator properly translates all the technical terms and it would be an insult on your supervisor to force him to accept it because he has to by law, without talking with him first.I need to translate in Spanish a little website ([login to view URL]) and a little CSV file of about characters (in attachment) The candidates should be good in both written English and Spanish.

Product Description. Learn to speak Spanish and English like a native with the Franklin Speaking Spanish-English Dictionary. New features include a Merriam-Webster Dictionary with , definitions and 4, commonly-used phrases in both Spanish and English recorded in human voice.

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how to write a letter in english and translate to spanish

This helps to avoid cases of revisions and possible cancellation of the work. Write a letter, email or any document and instantly convert it to another language.

how to write a letter in english and translate to spanish

Powerful software can convert letters, email, PDF files, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Excel files easily. English Spanish Arabic.

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Sign up for an account today and get access to our Human Translation Service. Assume that you write a letter in English and have a friend translate it into Spanish. In this scenario, what is equivalent to the source program of figure ?

Writing letters and emails in English