Erin brockovich essay questions

Synopsis 1 Summaries An unemployed single mother becomes a legal assistant and almost single-handedly brings down a California power company accused of polluting a city's water supply. This losing streak even extends to a failed lawsuit against a doctor in a car accident she was in. With no alternative, she successfully browbeats her lawyer to give her a job in compensation for the loss. What she discovers is that the company is trying quietly to buy land that was contaminated by hexavalent chromium, a deadly toxic waste that the company is improperly and illegally dumping and, in turn, poisoning the residents in the area.

Erin brockovich essay questions

The reasoning behind this is.

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Erin didn't take crap from anybody but at times she did let her aggressions take over. Most of the time these hostilities would lead her in contempt, but in the long run usually worked out for the best.

I will admit, it was a good way to get her point across at times but she could have approached some of these situations a little differently.

Take, for example, the night Erin met George. Even though George was being inappropriately loud, she could have asked him nicely to be quiet instead of chewing him out angrily, even after he tried repeatedly to apologize to her.

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These shoulds and overgeneralization fallacies turn up many times in the movie. When Erin walks in and finds out, she immediately feels offended and flies off the handle when she could have used a "pillow method" so to speak, to look at the situation from Ed's point of view and realize that taking on this partner was in the best interests of the case.

I do believe that Erin's self-concept changed from the beginning to the end of the film. For most of the movie, Erin struggles to prove herself, but towards the end, the pieces start to fall into place and people realize all the hard work that she has put into the case.

This proves her hard-working, loving demeanor, even in her personal life. She obviously cares very much for her children and wants nothing more than to be able to provide for them. Although her situation with George throughout most of the movie is mostly focused on her needs, I believe that this is because she was working so hard on the case.

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George felt like he was being used and left, but this didn't stop Erin from caring for him, as portrayed when she brought him to the Jensen's home at the end.Erin Brockovich Essay.

Erin Brockovich Questions. Erin Brockovich. Obgyn Soap Note Example.

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Erin brockovich essay questions

Erin Brockovich Essay. . Movie Review: Erin Brockovich – Essay Sample The movie ‘Erin Brockovich” () by Steven Soderbergh is based on a true story. It tells about the drama of Erin Brockovich’s struggle against the American West Coast energy giant Pacific Gas and Electric Company known as PG&E.

Nov 30,  · Erin Brockovich, Paralegal Extraordinaire of law. The film, Erin Brockovich illustrates these difficulties well. her children have issues with her. Check Out Our Erin Brockovich Movie Essay The purpose of this essay is to analyze the firm on “ Erin Brockovich”.


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Transcript of Ethical Issues Within the Movie "Erin Brockovich" Chromium contamination PG&E told the town of Hinkley, CA they were using Chromium III . Erin Brockovich Essay. Erin Brockovich Analysis. Law movie analysis Erin Brockovich. Erin Brockovich Questions. _Erin Summary and Notes. Erin Brockovich. Documents Similar To Outline on Film Analysis Final. Movie (Erin Brockovich) Uploaded by. Lovely Anne Yogore Jermeo. Erin Brockovich was born Erin Pattee in to a tight-knit midwestern family in Lawrence Kansas. She was the youngest child of an industrial engineer father and a journalist mother.

Erin Brockovich Questions. Evaluation of Erin Brockovich Leadership Essay Words | 8 Pages. certain sense, the allegiance of others.” This is the perfect definition of an ethical leader.

Ethical Issues in Erin Brockovich | Essay Example