East coast yachts cash flows essay

Construct a spreadsheet to calculate the payback period, internal rate of return,

East coast yachts cash flows essay

As your jet starts its descent, you are glued to your window. The scene below is astonishing: In the shallow green waters between continents, the sunken shapes of the Pyramids of Giza and the Roman Coliseum are clearly visible. In the distance are three other large island groups configured as palms within crescents and planted with high-rise resorts, amusement parks, and a thousand mansions built on stilts over the water.

The "Palms" are connected by causeways to a Miami-like beachfront chock-a-block full of mega-hotels, apartment high-rises and yacht marinas.

As the plane slowly banks toward the desert mainland, you gasp at the even more improbable vision ahead. Out of a chrome forest of skyscrapers nearly a dozen taller than feet soars a new Tower of Babel. It is an impossible one-half-mile high: You are still rubbing your eyes with wonderment and disbelief when the plane lands and you are welcomed into an airport emporium where hundreds of shops seduce you with Gucci bags, Cartier watches, and one-kilogram bars of solid gold.

You make a mental note to pick up some duty-free gold on your way out. The hotel driver is waiting for you in a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph. Friends have recommended the Armani Hotel in the story tower or the seven-star hotel with an atrium so huge that the Statue of Liberty would fit inside, but instead you have opted to fulfill a childhood fantasy.

Your jellyfish-shaped hotel is, in fact, exactly 66 feet below the sea East coast yachts cash flows essay. Each of its luxury suites has clear Plexiglas walls that provide spectacular views of passing mermaids as well as the hotel's famed "underwater fireworks: The structure has a multi-level failsafe security system, he reassures you, that includes protection against terrorist submarines as well as missiles and aircraft.

East coast yachts cash flows essay

Although you have an important business meeting at the Internet City free-trade zone with clients from Hyderabad and Taipei, you have arrived a day early to treat yourself to one of the famed adventures at the Restless Planet dinosaur theme park. Indeed, after a soothing night's sleep under the sea, you are aboard a monorail headed for a Jurassic jungle.

Your expedition encounters some peacefully grazing Apatosaurs, but you are soon attacked by a nasty gang of velociraptors.

East coast yachts cash flows essay

The animatronic beasts are so flawlessly lifelike -- in fact, they have been designed by experts from the British Museum of Natural History -- that you shriek in fear and delight. With your adrenaline pumped-up by this close call, you polish off the afternoon with some thrilling snowboarding on the local black diamond run.

Next door is the Mall of Arabia, the world's largest mall -- the altar of the city's famed Shopping Festival that attracts 5 million frenetic consumers each January -- but you postpone the temptation. Instead, you indulge in some expensive Thai fusion cuisine at a restaurant near Elite Towers that was recommended by your hotel driver.

The gorgeous Russian blond at the bar keeps staring at you with almost vampire-like hunger, and you wonder whether the local sin scene is as extravagant as the shopping?. The Sequel to Blade Runner? But where are you? Is this a new science-fiction novel from Margaret Atwood, the sequel to Blade Runner, or Donald Trump tripping on acid?

No, it is the Persian Gulf city-state of Dubai in After Shanghai current population: Eventually, three palm-shaped artificial islands will be built in the Dubai area. The first one, 'Jumeira Palm' is almost completed.

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Although often compared to Las Vegas, Orlando, Hong Kong or Singapore, the sheikhdom is more like their collective summation: It is not just a hybrid but a chimera: Multibillionaire Sheik Mohammed -- as he's affectionately known to Dubai's expats -- not only collects thoroughbreds the world's largest stable and super-yachts the foot-long Project Platinum which has its own submarine and flight deckbut also seems to have imprinted Robert Venturi's cult Learning from Las Vegas in the same way that more pious Moslems have memorized The Quran.

One of the Sheik's proudest achievements, by the way, is to have introduced gated communities to Arabia. Under his leadership, the coastal desert has become a huge circuit board into which the elite of transnational engineering firms and retail developers are invited to plug in high-tech clusters, entertainment zones, artificial islands, "cities within cities" -- whatever is the latest fad in urban capitalism.

The same phantasmagoric but generic Lego blocks, of course, can be found in dozens of aspiring cities these days, but Sheik Mohammed has a distinctive and inviolable criterion: Everything must be "world class," by which he means number one in The Guinness Book of Records.

Thus Dubai is building the world's largest theme park, the biggest mall, the highest building, and the first sunken hotel among other firsts. Sheikh Mohammed's architectural megalomania, although reminiscent of Albert Speer and his patron, is not irrational.

Having "learned from Las Vegas," he understands that if Dubai wants to become the luxury-consumer paradise of the Middle East and South Asia its officially defined "home market" of 1. From this standpoint, the city's monstrous caricature of futurism is simply shrewd marketing. Its owners love it when designers and urbanists anoint it as the cutting edge.

Architect George Katodrytis wrote:The plan was to sail north up the west coast of Greenland, go west into Canada through Lancaster Sound, then sail north around Victoria Island and down through the Prince of Wales Strait to Kugluktuk.

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It was a raised middle finger from a super-wealthy arch-global-corporatist to all the supposedly pessimistic, slow-witted, retrograde losers stuck between those glorious enclaves (led by Wall Street, Yale, and Harvard on the East coast and Silicon Valley and Hollywood on the West coast) of human progress and variety (and GDP!) on the imperial.

East Coast Yachts has a strong operating cash flow highlighted by strong earnings before interest and taxes of $88,, With the addition of $20,, in depreciation and subtraction of $30,, in taxes, they managed an operating cash flow of $77,, Along the east coast, Consett Bay is the main one with two smaller markets at Skeete’s Bay and Tent Bay, while fish is also sold at a small facility in Martin’s Bay.

Mahi-Mahi is delicious.

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