Describe your experience with utilizing formal written communication

How would you describe your written communication skills?

Describe your experience with utilizing formal written communication

Brian Crawford Reply February 9, at To answer your questions — in order to apply to take the PMP exam, you do need to have 35 contact hours of project management education. However, this education does not need to come from a PMI R. This project management education can be any project management education that comes from an outside source in other words, not self-directed study.

I hope that this comes as good news! Good luck getting your project management education hours; I hope that you enjoy learning the material.

Eddy Reply February 11, at About the 35 contact hours training, is the training needs kind of hard copy certificate? I usually attend internal training in my company but it doesnt get any certificate.

Honesty, I will use less money to take the PMP certificate since this is use my own money. This should serve as proof of your 35 hours of project management education should you get audited by PMI.

I hope this helps — good luck! Eddy Reply March 17, at 7: I thinks I have some clue about this to avoid the audit. PMI is using a system in their application side so we need to be carefully about the fulfillment of the applications.

Its the systems, we know that the system should be use algorithm to count the false and error. From my perspective here are the points that must be carefully if you apply the applications 1.

How old you are 2. Your educations bachelor or diploma 3. Work experiences bachelors must be equal 3 years experience and it will have minimum hours experiences 4. I fill the applications after I did some research to my colleagues in my company or vendors who got audit from PMI.

So my conclusion is…there is no word of random audit…its a system that will count you are eligible or not… Now I am preparing my study for exam. I really appreciate it, as it has been so long since I applied to take the PMP examination myself.

I am not sure if the audit can be avoided… from what I understand, the audit is mostly random. That said, I do think that there are certain things that if you do not do right or if there are things that you fail or forget to fill out, PMI will be sure to audit your application.

Thanks for going into detail about the sections of the application especially the work experience part that are important to go into detail on in the application. Thanks again, and best of luck with your exam preparation!Hello Brian, Thank you for your post.

I would like to solicit your advice. I have been in IT for over 38 years. Straight out of High School where I passed my ‘A’ Levels and I did a further 2 years National certification in Computer Science. In order to effectively describe communication skills, an applicant should look into what the job will require.

Describe your experience with utilizing formal written communication

If preparing presentations is part of the description, one should include references to when these skills were used in past jobs and projects on the application and resume. Written Communication If writing emails, memos or project.

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For a Communication job interview. How would you describe your written communication skills? Here are some words to describe your communication skills: Articulate - Crisp - Eloquent - Formal - Informal - Punchy - .

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