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Particularly due to the rapid competition from new producers in tropical and subtropical regions, producers of traditional pulp and paper products in temperate regions must consider new avenues within the field — bioenergy and bio-chemical product pathways, which can be integrated into existing pulp and paper operation.

Camo paper

Urban Legends Prevail when it comes to U. With the permission of the Canadian Government the USMC was granted permission to use the same pattern but in different colors.

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The same study also showed that the digital pattern outperformed the NATO camouflage used to camouflage vehicles and similar to the U. BDU Woodland pattern — in both detection and identification.

There was a study carried out by the Army between to find a new camouflage to replace the BDU Woodland Camouflage and DCU Desert camouflage uniforms with something more effective. Army Natick Soldier Center. In for Phase 3 of this particular test they merged common colors from each pattern into an all-in-one environment coloration, this is when compromises were made of colors to attempt to achieve one pattern, with one color scheme for all environments.

Remember that in military operations, half of the time you are dealing with night conditions, so the NIR and SWIR becomes close to half of the solution.

At this time Multicam entered the competition as the "Contractor Developed Mod", Multicam like UCP also originated from the concept of a global palette: Once the final 4 patterns were tested in the 3 separate environments Woodland, Urban and Desert in both daylight and nighttime with NIR scopes, all four showed variable Camo paper across all terrains in daylight but were almost identical in the Night NIR testing.

Multicam called Contractor Developed Mod in the test scored 43 out of being the best at Ft. Benning Multicam only scored 57 out of in daytime and 48 out of at night. Where did UCP come from? Army tests to come up with UCP, two of the screens use the same color again they picked colors based off of the study but did not actually test the UCP pattern with those colors.

The pattern itself was proven with the Canadians and USMC so combining an effective pattern with a new color scheme should provide a good all-in-one pattern?

Wrong in the case of UCP. Congress began to receive complaints from soldiers that the camouflage was jeopardizing their missions and their lives. Congress asked the Army for the research that led to the decision on UCP and it was discovered that there was none.

It appears that someone circumnavigated the scientific process and forced UCP in. The decision to not use the All-Over-Brush winner of trials and to go with the untested UCP has not been fully disclosed but it appears that it was not the fault of the Army groups involved who went to extreme lengths in the testing to find something which met the criteria.

Army Natick then conducted the testing on UCP and 17 other patterns between and the results with the final 13 patterns showed UCP performed poorly in Desert scoring 9th out of 13 patterns, Urban 8th place and Woodland 12th place.

Multicam was better scoring 6th out of 13 in Desert, Urban 4th place and Woodland 6th place. Congress at this point had enough information to have the U. Army begin the process to find a solution to the failed UCP, but of critical importance were the ground troops in Afghanistan where UCP was not working.

A worldwide solution "Phase IV" would take much more time to research properly so this Phase 3 focused on the specific environments found in Afghanistan. Congressional Mandate was to find a fast solution to those combat troops in Afghanistan so another set of tests were done by Natick in environments which would be found within this area.

All the testing up until this time had focused on Woodland, Desert and Urban and yet a large part of the world is within Transitional. Multicam won the competition with an overall score of 80 out of and this led to it winning the Phase 3 trials and becoming the pattern known in the U.

We can also see that it scored It did not break the top 10 patterns tested in either of these two critical environments.

This confirmed to the Army that the All-In-One concept was likely not achievable with conventional camouflage.

U.S. Army Camouflage Improvement Explained

Also note that the U. UCP failure was not the pattern but the colors used. Military which many people expect is still a good pattern only scored at So the current baseline patterns for the U. Army Phase IV Camouflage Effort were based off of the best patterns within this most current series of tests.

Army Phase IV Baseline patterns: The failure of UCP was not due to the pixelated pattern but the colors chosen for the pattern. Army Camouflage Improvement Effort was mandated by the U. Congress when research on the offers camo paper products. About 1% of these are packaging bags, 1% are packaging boxes, and 1% are copy paper.

A wide variety of camo paper options are available to you, such as copy paper.

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Camo paper

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