An analysis of dave character in the man who was almost a man by richard wright

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An analysis of dave character in the man who was almost a man by richard wright

Dave, the main character, is illustrated fumbling through life with frustration.

An analysis of dave character in the man who was almost a man by richard wright

Dave wants dearly to gain the respect and power so closely associated with manhood. In his quest to achieve such respect, Dave sees the men in the fields shooting their guns.

Dave decides promptly that he will purchase a gun and impress the men with his skill in handling the weapon.


The gun, to Dave, symbolizes, and even represents, manhood. Dave, of course, procures his desired weapon and finds himself burdened by the restitution he must pay for murdering the mule. Interestingly, the mule symbolizes true manhood; responsibility.

Dave, not ready to grapple with this new responsibility decides to run away. Dave is fortified with the power and manliness that he sees in the gun. It is this object which gives Dave the courage to face the unknown. Just as Dave is about to jump on the train, "he gripped the gun tightly" Finally, Dave jumps onto the train and, "he felt his pocket; the gun was still there" An interesting question to consider is, would Dave have stayed on the train had he dropped the gun?

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Dave reassures himself, periodically, before jumping on the train by making sure he has the gun. The reader must consider this carefully when Dave leaves, and consider how heavily he will rely on the gun to determine his position in society.ENGL World Literature II "The Man Who Was Almost a Man" Study Guide.

After reading the first paragraph, identify the narrator, the point of view, and the dialect. "The Man Who Was Almost a Man" is a short story by Richard Wright that was first published in The final analysis that can be made in “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” is through character relationships through race.

In this short story, it is made clear that Richard Wright’s commentary on racial relationships between white and black people during the time period this story was written was not one of equality.

News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. "The Man Who Was Almost a Man" by Richard Wright. Overview Dave, a poor boy in the South, desperately wants a gun, which a storeowner offers to sell him for two dollars.

Literary Analysis--Essay II. Choose one of the topics below on which to write your first literary analysis for this class. In the story “The Man Who Was Almost a Man,” Richard Wright creates in Dave a character who .

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