Aed cost of doing business report

By Alison Keemar on 9 Apr in Wellbeing and health promotion Occupational health adviser Alison Keemar makes the case for why having automated external defibrillators available in the workplace can help save lives.

Aed cost of doing business report

While this image is present in many TV shows, real life works differently.


That is why many schools, restaurants, malls and other public areas have an automated external defibrillator AED. This device can help those suffering from a sudden heart problem.

AEDs are pricey because they are an electronic medical device, but it is smart for many business owners to invest in one before an accident occurs. User Friendly AEDs Doctors make reviving a person look easy, but help is not always around when emergencies occur.

That is why AEDs are made to be simple to operate.

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AEDs provide instructions and help keep a person alive until help arrives. However, all brands are slightly different, so identify who is most likely to use the machine. Some first aid classes train people to use AEDs, so schools or sporting arenas will probably have employees who are trained to run AEDs.

Simple machines can be purchased if you are confident that an expert will be around, but especially user-friendly models can be purchased for unpredictable areas.

Since the process is basically the same across brands, it is a matter of trust, price and accessories. The Red Cross is a leading name in first aid, and many people buy the models the agency endorses. Purchasing from the Red Cross also comes with training and online resources.

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While this option requires working with the Red Cross as a middle man, the price is still low, and Red Cross provides its name and expertise for peace of mind. However, you may still be required to own one, so some companies offer used machines that have been re-certified.

The re-certified models are from reputable companies, so devices have features that provide feedback and operate quickly. See how long batteries are expected to last in a machine, the type of pads used and how long set up would take. Select an AED that has durable parts that are easy to put together and use.

Check to see what warranties entail and how to maintain a machine when buying from anywhere. Got anything to say?

aed cost of doing business report

Go ahead and leave a comment!Since then, I did a back-of-the-napkin calculation based on AED’s size and assumed proposal win rate, and figured they were unable to bid on $80 million a month in new programming, which would reduce their future size by $30 million for each month they were suspended.

I purchased an AED (automated external defibrillator) for my gym (not required by law or insurance but I believed it was important to have. (Cost total - ~$) Last Tuesday Jan 30th I witnessed an accident on my intersection in front of my gym.

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aed cost of doing business report

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