A womans transformation through the theory of great goddess in the story of inanna

It is almost as if Mary Magdalene, throughout the ages, has become a focal point for lost goddesses and their presence in our lives. Despite the tragic and untrue confusion about her status as a prostitute, there is a link in this to ancient, sexual ceremonies of sacred marriage.

A womans transformation through the theory of great goddess in the story of inanna

But in order to make such a spiritual journey, she first had to give up her earthly powers and possessions.

Preparing for the Descent into the Underworld In the myth, she abandoned heaven and earth to descend to the underworld, her office of holy priestess, her temples in the seven principal cities where she was worshipped.

She gave up her earthly powers and possessions -- an essential willingness required of any soul undertaking such a journey, of any soul following such a path of initiation.

A womans transformation through the theory of great goddess in the story of inanna

Inanna also recognized the need to protect herself. She gathered together seven of The Meattributes of civilization which she transformed into such feminine allure as crown, jewelry, and a royal robe. These were intended serve as her protections.

Each of these adornments were worn at the level of each Kundalini chakra! There Inanna describes Ninshubur as: My sukkal who gives me wise advice, My warrior who fights by my side. The Queen of the Underworld can be thought of as the neglected side of Inanna, that part of Inanna that was unloving, unloved, abandoned, instinctual, and full of rage, greed, and desperate loneliness.

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She is the [kundalini] root of all, where energy is inert and consciousness coiled asleep. She is the place where potential life lies motionless -- but in the pangs of birth; beneath all language and its distinction, yet judging and acting.

She is full of fury, greed, the fear of loss, and even of self spite. They are the ways the unconscious reacts to unwelcome visitation.

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She will not lead us to our goal by revealing what it is but rather by eliminating everything that it is not. The black aspect of Lilith closes all the wrong doors that face us. The small lapis beads from her ears -- her sense of magic and ability to manifest.

The double strand of beads about her neck -- her rapture of illumination. Her ringed hip girdle -- her ego. From her hand the lapis measuring rod and line -- her will. Her garment of ladyship breechcloth -- her sex role.

Each represents, in order, the Kundalini chakras. Her royal power, her priestly office, her sexual powers are of no avail in the underworld. Naked and bowed low, Innana entered the throne room. The Annuna, the judges of the underworld, surround her and pass judgment against her, the judgment of the external against each of us.

Ereshkigal then fastens on Inanna the eye of death, speaks against her the word of wrath, and utters against her the cry of guilt.

Ninshubur waits three days. Ninshubur set up a public lament, beating the drum, circling the temples, tearing at her eyes, mouth and thighs, and dressing in sackcloth. Both are angry their daughter should pursue a different direction from theirs.

Each in turn, refused to help. Enki has compassion for his daughter who is in difficulty. In reacting to what has happened, Enki moves with feeling.Captured thus in stone by a Mesopotamian sculptor over four thousand years ago, an ambivalence already exists about her potent combination of sex and power: she appears in sacred hymns as both a sacred prostitute who lured men into the goddess Inanna’s temple and as an uncontrollable demon who fled to the wilderness when Gilgamesh - and patrilineal kingship - colonized both temple and goddess.

Jun 10,  · In Sumerian mythology this story is told through the birth and death of Dumuzi, the son-lover of the Goddess Inanna.

A womans transformation through the theory of great goddess in the story of inanna

His name literally means “faithful son”, but being a vegetation god he was also referred to as “The Green One”. Inanna is sometimes described as the Goddess of "love and war," but she is more than that.

She is the Goddess of life itself, the fertile spirit that makes the crops and herds increase, and causes. Throughout the story of Inanna, readers witness her transformation from a young lady to a beloved goddess and the frustrations and obstacles that are associated with these transformations.

This transformation can be associated with her functions and roles as a woman, which relates with the theory of the Great Goddess. Inanna as Queen of Heaven and Earth, cylinder seal, Akkad period, c. BCE. In it, the Goddess wears the horned and tiered crown, image of the sacred mound, which is worn by all the major Sumerian deities, and the tiered dress worn by Sumerian goddesses.

Mar 09,  · One of the things that I love about the Inanna story is that she is the Goddess who encompasses all of the transformations of a woman’s experience. Unlike the later Goddesses who are fragmented, Inanna guides us through all aspects of our lives; .

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